No two days are ever the same. Some are filled with productivity, some are not. Some come loaded with fun moments, some seem to be filled with frustrating ones.

Oh the life of a parent!

Parenting is a big responsibility, while also a huge privilege. For me being a mum is the greatest job in the world. I have loved (and continue to love) every moment. But it can be so exhausting at times! Not just physically, but emotionally as well. A parent is not provided with a warning label when their tiny bundle of joy arrives, and no certificate is needed to enter this role. There is no way of knowing that this tiny little person will one day stir emotions in you like no other can or will. Even with this roller coaster of emotions, I confess it has been, and continues to be, one of the most fulfilling jobs. I can count many treasured moments, with often the most simple statements or confessions of my child/children empowering me.

My latest experience of this still lingers, the encouragement and boost it provided fresh in my heart. These are what I call the ‘emotional energy bolts’ needed when the road gets that bit tough again, which it does. Now that I have adult children I have had the advantage of seeing how the things we say and do, really do make a difference in the lives of others. They can cause great impact and influence and be the beginning of traditions and morals for this and coming generations. It truly is a huge responsibility. Often it is not the larger circumstances in life that can make the greatest impact, although they play a part. It’s often the everyday situations that come upon us and the way in which we handle them. I have had to remind myself that I have an audience! My children are students in my classroom of life. I do believe that my children have learnt far more from watching the way I act (not react to) in a situation; how I have shown that even through pain, hurt and disappointment, I still speak of God’s faithfulness. This has been extremely difficult at times, but thankfully my actions have spoken so much louder. My regular time with God and relying on Him alone has equipped me to show grace to others, exampling this to my children in a way I could never have imagined.

As I mentioned, I was reminded of this valuable lesson just recently. In recent months as a family we have travelled through quite a few very hard and stressful seasons; from unemployment, emotional hurt and extreme disappointment to finally relocation. Added together, you can imagine the stress and pain felt individually and as a family unit. It is from this that my son shared the empowering statement that he did. A man of few words, he used the magic of Facebook to post a simple yet extremely powerful emotional statement that, as I said, continues to encourage and keep me focused. This is what he shared:

I admire


I have been given the huge responsibility of displaying the characteristics that I wish for him to develop and pass on to others; this confirms that he is watching and learning. I am so very proud of all my children; they have grown into very trustworthy and responsible adults. It has been and continues to be such an honor to be their mum. Always remember that everything we say and do has significance.

By Deb Lodder | Author | Website
With a background in radio, Deb has also been married for many years. A mum of four children, her God-given skill of writing has been fueled by her strong passion to see others released from unnecessary pain. Her book “My Hidden Confidence” is a gripping read that shares how to model and experience the amazing Grace of our God. To find out more, purchase her book or participate in one of the many everyday lessons Deb has learnt, log on to or email Deb direct on