Are we so open-minded that our brains have fallen out?

The devil comes only to steal, kill and destroy, so if he can get us to feed on the things of this world that are dead then he is winning. I make almost all of my decisions (the big and small) based on the Word of God. It is my stake in the ground of Truth and I am tethered to it.

Here’s the key to raising your teen

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We have recently had our oldest child turn 13. He’s officially a teenager – and we certainly know it! In fact this hilarious video below sums up perfectly a pre and post teenager. ‘Kevin the Teenager’ was produced by the …

What legacy will you leave?

There has been a lot of media about Hugh Hefner for many years now. As the founder of Playboy, he has gone on to be more synonymous for the wide range of young women who lived in his LA mansion. …

7 Things A Mom Does Before She Even Gets to Work

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I have just arrived to my place of employment. Everyone’s all “good morning,” and I’m just doing my best to blend in. Literally I noticed snot on the front of my dress while I was backing out of my drive …